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MalakshinBN, 20 Sep 2019

What could be rather cheap to fix here could be expensive as hell in Lithuania. I would be checking on parts costs there and not relying on what people in the US say.
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MaksimukIF, 21 Sep 2019

Greetings buddy and welcome to the forum.

You can drop the link for desired watches here and Ill try to contact seller.

Cheers and have a good luck with your deal
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gokvrlmswtiaar, 21 Sep 2019

Ive spotted on your forum watch that Ive been hunting for some time. The watch is Orient Star WZ0081FE. Ive contacted the seller in english asking for international sale, but I didnt gey any response. Is there anyone here who would help me buying this watch?

Thanks in advance

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ParatovNY, 21 Sep 2019


I am from dubai

I want buy Matador Long bullpup but EDgun company can not send guns to out of Russia


Please guide for buy guns

Thank you
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gokvrlmsqiyptb, 21 Sep 2019

Hello - can someone help me please - I want to buy a watch form your forum. I am in the United Kingdom - what is the most cost efficient way to post the watch to me? Am I right in thinking Russian state post will not send a watch in the mail?

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