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IvanushkinGH, 19 Aug 2019

Its a car kazoo. Simple. It was dynod at 1whp loss, but I am calling shenanigans, as the part has no real function other than to resonate engine/intake noise to the firewall making it sound vroom vroom for the driver.

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gokvrlmsqaiwyi, 19 Aug 2019

Jaromir Cech says the hoodline will have to be raised about 5cm to meet pedestrian safety regulations. Anyone care to give us your impression of how this might look?

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DanilaYE, 19 Aug 2019

You have not posted any videos for us to judge but if you are rattling the neighbors windows, it is disrespectful, unacceptable. BTW, isnt it illegal to eliminate cats in Canada? I think you should fix it.

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AlexeiQX, 19 Aug 2019

maybe someone thats taken it apart? show the pieces of it, how it connects, how it functions. i heard if you remov it you lose a few hp, curious why that is.

with talk of a revised intake for 2014 do you think it will still have it?

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LepilovKN, 19 Aug 2019

18K for a m/t Raven FRS. 13K clicks. 6 Year Warranty.
I was actually second in line after someone offered to trade in their car for it.
Waited a day and got approved over the other dude.
Couldnt be happier.

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